Summer Soap (Episode 3) A night out and drinks, as Sandra’s interview looms

In episode three of our Summer Soap series, 'Working Wives', there's a night out and a warning about Seán...
Summer Soap (Episode 3) A night out and drinks, as Sandra’s interview looms

“Karaoke in the Mardyke was a mad laugh. I’d say the young ones were so confused... I swear I felt like a not too bad version of Shakira by the end of Hips Don’t Lie.

Welcome to the Evening Echo’s annual feature — Summer Soap. Now in its third year, Summer Soap is a daily fictional serial run over 12 parts, which began on Monday and runs each day in the Echo for a fortnight. Called Work Wives, this story was written by Siobhan Ryan-Bovey (right) of Cobh, and was chosen from work submitted by students of the MA in Creative Writing Programme at UCC. In this third chapter, a night out, and a warning about Seán...

Episode 3

Wednesday 13th June, 13:37


Firstly, hope you got home all right last night. That bartender was well into you. I don’t think I ever had that effect on men!

Dave laughed the whole way home listening to my drunken nonsense in the passenger seat. He had my Harry Potter nightgown down in the living room for me, and my favourite Chinese ordered in at home. He brought me upstairs and dressed me when I passed out in the living room next to the babysitter. Who is he and what has he done with my husband?! I feel like a Queen these days.

Karaoke in the Mardkye was a mad laugh. Oh my God, I’d say the young ones were so confused when they saw me on stage. Despite my mom bod, I swear I felt like a shittier but not too bad version of Shakira by the end of Hips Don’t Lie.

Vocally we were a bit ambitious, but that Sambuca really took the edge off. Thank you so much for coming out with me, I really don’t get out enough. I’m thinking of surprising Dave by bringing him to Son of a Bun next week since he’s been such a dote. Thoughts?

You’ll appreciate this. Jerry’s next to me here and he’s been playing Farmville on the computer for the last half hour. He’s been playing it for longer and longer every day since the phone ban and he’s been getting very worked up about it. He lost a pig or something and knocked his coffee on himself because he was so frazzled. Tragic.

Thank god for the rain today! I love to complain about it but there’s definitely a better vibe in the office today because of it.

P.S. Valuable information: Naomi from reception brought in cookies and left them in the staff room. She’s really growing on me.

P.P.S Just bumped into Seán in the staff room and my interview is officially tomorrow at 9am. He made me a coffee too. He’s nicer than we thought. Send your prayers in Saint Michael’s direction tonight.

Much love,

Sandra xx



I hate to break it to you but that bartender was as much trying his hand with you as he was for me, you gorgeous MILF! I guess Dave’s been so good to you recently you can’t see these things. Young love...

If you were Shakira last night I was pre-pregnancy Cardi B. I definitely became a different monster altogether. Take Dave for a night out next week. I can look after Jamie if you want!

Poor Jerry, losing his cow. Hope he’s getting all his work done before playing on the farm because he doesn’t know his future boss sitting next to him might be taking note of his productivity.

So your interview is tomorrow! Great stuff! I know you said Seán’s been extra nice to you recently and that’s good but just keep a bit of a distance, OK? I’ve heard some stuff in the staff room about him being a bit too nice to the women sometimes. I overheard one of the girls in accounting say that an intern left last year all of a sudden after being his PA for a week. A very pretty girl from Tipp.

She was apparently quite upset when she left but no-one knew why, but it didn’t get dealt with. You’re a very pretty girl from Douglas, which means you’re just his type, so just look out for yourself. I know you’re well capable anyway.

Not to be a downer but the doctor rang this morning and wants me to come back to him tomorrow on my lunch break. I’m dead nervous. I googled Mam’s symptoms last night and WebMD scared the shit out of me. I ended up thinking I’d be dead by next week and I wasn’t even looking it up for my own sake. I’m so worried about her.

Did Saint Jude think your email was spam and delete it? See you for lunch.


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