Summer Soap (Episode 6) Loved-up Kelly’s first kiss and Sandra heads to Fota

We continue our Summer Soap series today. In chapter six, a romantic encounter and family time...
Summer Soap (Episode 6) Loved-up Kelly’s first kiss and Sandra heads to Fota

EVIL EYES: “Dave and I took Jamie to Fota... he was petrified of the peacocks and tried to jump in to the penguins’ area”

Monday 18th June 2018, 9:15


Good morning, sunshine! It’s Monday morning, which means that the weekend has just passed and the memories of being outside this box of an office are still strong enough to daydream about.

With that being said, as you know, James took me to dinner on Saturday. I was so nervous on Friday night that I started planning my outfit in advance so I wouldn’t make a last minute bad call like I tend to do in these situation.

I lined up all my outfits and called in Mateo (my Spanish housemate with the abs who passed out and fell in Voodoo on his first night out). It turns out Mateo had a date on Saturday too but that he found his on Grindr. I clearly didn’t read his body language right at all. My confidence has been restored to 100%. Even I can’t reasonably take it personally that a gay man isn’t attracted to me.

It turns out Mateo has a fantastic eye for fashion and picked out the perfect outfit for me that was both casual and sexy. Then we watched reruns of First Dates Ireland and ate crackers and hummus because we decided to help each other with the eating together. So Friday night was great!

On Saturday I went for a run, got some groceries in Tesco, and had a look around Tiger for random household things I probably didn’t need but wanted desperately. Ended up buying a protective case for a banana. I feel like that was the official beginning of my healthy eating commitment. Unnecessary? You tell me.

By the time I’d settled down at home and put everything away it was basically time for me to get ready to meet James.

I looked so good, Sand. I think I sent you a picture actually. I got a taxi in to treat myself and not mess up my hair because there was a slight Phil Collins mist (in the air. How funny am I?!).

Dinner at Scoozis (his choice this time) was lovely. Guess where he took me next. Right across the road to the Opera House to see The Kite Runner! It was so fantastic and he kissed me after so it was basically the perfect night.

Mateo had a similarly successful night with his date who happened to be a football player from CIT. It was a good weekend for everyone in my house.

How was your weekend? Any news about the job yet?

Much love,




So glad you had such a fantastic weekend! James sounds like a lovely lad. I got your picture and you’re right, Mateo has a great eye!

I’ve been feeling a little demotivated recently. Haven’t heard about the job yet but, like I said, I’ve kind of gotten my head around the idea that I didn’t get it.

This weekend Dave and I took Jamie to Fota. We wore matching green hats that I bought so we could find each other if we got lost. Dave was very reluctant to wear his but the pictures are so worth it. I’ll show you at lunch.

Jamie had the best time. He loved the monkeys and fed the ducks. He was petrified of the peacocks and tried to jump in to the penguins’ area.

Turns out Dave is petrified of swans. Who knew! I kept trying to get one to come after him by leaving a trail of crumbs in his direction while he was minding Jamie with the penguins. Is that grounds for divorce? Probably in some countries.

I’m starting to think about applying to other places for jobs. I think I’ve hit the wall here. I’m in my third decade on this planet and I don’t feel pushed here at all. I know I can do great things but I don’t think I can do them here. Can we talk about it at lunch?

Sandra xx

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