Summer Soap (Episode 5) Birthday party plans, and Sandra starts job-hunting

We continue our Summer Soap, a 12 part serial, running in the Evening Echo over two weeks. Today, in episode five, Kelly is upbeat, but Sandra has itchy feet
Summer Soap (Episode 5) Birthday party plans, and Sandra starts job-hunting

PARTY TIME: “I’ve been thinking for my 25th that we should have some classy drinks.” Picture posed by models

Friday 15th June 2018, 11:30

Sandra McHugh,

Am I ever going to see you again? I knew you were too good at your job to be as snowed under as you said you were yesterday. I’m seriously starting to suspect Jerry is trying to bring you over to the dark side.

I chatted with Naomi at reception today because I knew you’d be busy all morning and it turns out she is lovely! She’s from Fermoy and she graduated from UCC the same year as me.

She also told me (and we’re not allowed to tell anyone about this) that she only brings in snacks for the office on the days she comes in late. That’s why no-one ever noticed! She’s a genius!

I’ve invited her to my birthday party next Wednesday because I feel like she’s our type of person. I’ve also invited Jerry, just FYI. He was very, very excited to be invited to a social outing. I fear he doesn’t get out enough.

I can’t believe I’m going to be 25 and that I’ve been working here for two whole years.

You know I have that app that tells me important things that happened on the same day in different years? Well, on this day in 1871, some legend of a woman called Phoebe Couzins was the first woman to graduate from a US Collegiate Law School, AND on this day in 1908 the World Congress for Women’s Rights opened in Amsterdam (You know I’m a huge swot for these things).

Neither of those things happened in Ireland and definitely not in Cork but I just want to remind you that you can do amazing things and that not only are you are an amazing mom and wife, but you have been a huge support and friend to me since my first day in this office, and I love you for that!

If you need to spread your wings and leave this place then I support you wholeheartedly .

I was thinking for my 25th that we could have some classy drinks at the Shelbourne and then go to Havana’s?

Also, I’ve been talking to James basically non-stop and I’ve invited him to my birthday too. I can’t wait for you to meet him.

Sending you infinite love from behind the fern,



Kelly O’Sullivan,

You’ve caught me! Not only have I replaced you with Jerry as a best friend but we are in love and he’s moving in with me and Dave. Dave’s OK with it, he understands I have a lot of love to give and that Jerry is a good man. In five minutes Jerry and I are going to put up our hands and wave. Don’t miss it.

I heard that they’ve decided to look outside the company for that job upstairs and I’m sure when I talk to you about it you’ll use your favourite word and say that’s “bullshit” but let’s keep it low-key that I applied, alright? I don’t want the rumour mill to spin things as they do.

Today is Emma from downstairs’ birthday. I saw the cute blonde guy drop off the cake with her name on it so I guess mine and Jerry’s isn’t the only office romance that’s blossoming (but our love is definitely the most pure).

I’m also bringing in a sash for your birthday, don’t even try to stop me. I brought Dave shopping for it with me and it is PERFECT.

I’ve applied to some jobs around the city like you said to do. Let’s hope I get a call back for one of them soon.

I’ve been praying to Saint Cajetan. He’s one of the more obscure saints but my mam says he’s just as good as the others at what he does.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and save me your slice of Emma’s cake since you’re still on that healthy eating kick and I’m eating for two. That’s right, I’m pregnant with Jerry’s child.

...Actually, I took that too far. Let’s keep that joke between you and I, Dave wouldn’t get the hilarity of it even though he’s pretty easy breezy as far as husbands go.

All my love,

Sandra xx

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