Top wedding trends for 2019

Coral cakes, ostrich-featured bridal gowns and curried chips for afters: just some of the wedding trends for 2019 writes IRENE HALPIN LONG
Top wedding trends for 2019
Wedding expert Sara Kennedy.

PLANNING a wedding can be an overwhelming experience for couples. Sara Kennedy has worked in the wedding industry for many years and is the wedding stylist on Virgin media’s fashion show, Xposé.

She is also the founder and director of, on which shares her in-depth knowledge on all aspects of planning for your big day.

From food and décor to dresses and suits, Sara explains the top trends that couples who are planning to say ‘I do’ may stumble upon whilst shopping around.

When it comes to wedding décor, people are investing more of their wedding budget in flowers. Sara says: “White and blush pink peonies are very popular in geometric-shaped centrepieces, like squares and octagons, in gold or bronze. They provide a rich, opulent look.

“Cascades of foliage are also very popular for those looking for a whimsical look. This became very popular after the marriage of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry.”

The colour of the year is coral. “We’ll start to see a lot more coral in gowns, wedding invitations and cakes from this summer and into 2020.”

One of the items high on a bride’s list is choosing her bridal gown.

Sara says, “Feathers are particularly fashionable at the moment.

“Many designers are starting to include ostrich feathers in their bridal designs. It could range from the bottom part of the dress being embellished with feathers to feathers in the bride’s accessories, such as the hairpiece or the shoes.

“I’m also seeing a Spanish influence in many designs where dresses are tight fitting and figure- hugging with a V-neck cut at the bust.

“A nude or blush underskirt with a lace overlay is proving to be very popular at the moment.”

Men are also taking more interest in their choice of attire for their big day.

Sara explains: “We’re seeing a move away from the traditional wedding suit.

“A lot of men are wearing tweed. Many are choosing black tie. The hipster look is popular where trousers are tapered and tailored. In the past, men would have chosen a suit that was straight cut. I’m seeing more and more men choose suits that meet their fashion needs.

“A lot more men are having their suits made for their wedding day.”

There are so many more wedding venues to choose from. As a result, the food choices offered have extended beyond the traditional sit-down meal.

“A lot of chefs at wedding venues are happy to be flexible and accommodate a couple’s wishes when it comes to food.

“Venues have upped their game and become more innovative when it comes to wedding food choices. They’re being less formal than in the past.

“While people may still want to have a sit-down meal, a lot of couples want their food to be a little different and chefs will work with the couple to help plan a menu.

“When it come to the reception or afters food, couples are choosing things like curried chips or a pizza bar, or a popcorn centre, in lieu of sandwiches and wedding cake.

“Gin bars are very popular at the moment. The upcoming trend is to have a rum bar.”

Sara offers her top tips to couples planning a wedding.

“Take your time to do your research. Don’t jump in head first. You’ll find that if you jump in without planning, you won’t see the true cost of everything.

“Don’t let too many people influence you early on. Shop around. Be pragmatic. For example, you might go to look at a venue and it might be aesthetically pleasing but not practical from a logistical point of view for you and your guests. So, don’t get too excited by the first place you love. You might find another place that suits your needs better that you like just as much.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. A lot of people, including you, won’t remember the tiny details.

“A lot of people run themselves into the ground worrying about the small things. Focus on having a really good day, with good food and good company, plenty of dancing, and everything will be fine.”

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