Sharing our Cork adventure on YouTube

A continent-hopping couple from the U.S are sharing the story of their life in Cork through their YouTube channel — having lived also in Florida, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Malta and Dublin, writes EMMA CONNOLLY
Sharing our Cork adventure on YouTube
SHARING LIFE'S UPS AND DOWNS: Franklin and Danielle Acosta

AN AMERICAN couple living in Cork are sharing the ups and downs of their lives on Leeside with their worldwide YouTube audience.

That includes showcasing their love of our open-mindedness and friendliness, but also their dislike for our public transport — and everything in between.

New Yorkers Franklin and Danielle Acosta have been together for 10 years, having met at university.

While they were living in Florida with good jobs (he’s a software engineer and she’s a science facilitator specialising in astronomy) and a decent quality of life, they started to feel generally unfulfilled and figured broadening their horizons was the answer.

“We decide to take the leap and move to Europe for a better quality of life,” said Danielle.

“Since then, we’ve lived in Wrocław, Poland, for two years, Dublin for eight months, and Cork for two years. It’s crazy, like!”

The idea to document their travels was Franklin’s and they go by the name ‘The World Ahead’.

Danielle explains: “The initial concept started out as an online blog which was created before we even moved abroad. While still living in the United States, we started out by blogging about our job search throughout various EU countries, including Poland, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and Malta, to name a few.

“Eventually, we accepted a job offer in Poland. After about a year and a half of living there, we realised that our adventures should be documented on video, not only for our own personal memories, but also to share our journey with others in a more personal yet positive and entertaining way.”

Their move to Cork from Dublin was made on a bit of a whim after Franklin took up a job offer here.

“Prior to moving here, we had only visited Cork for a total of one hour during a day-trip bus tour, where we stopped at different places in between Dublin and Cork,” said Franklin. “It gave us only enough time to walk down Patrick Street and have a meal at the Farmgate in the English Market.

“After that trip, Danielle always said she wanted to come back and visit Cork some day.

“Well, that day arrived sooner than expected when I accepted a job opportunity here. We took the plunge to move here and have quickly become accustomed to the friendly hospitality, laid back culture, and open-mindedness of the people here.

“It has been a wonderful experience and a highlight of our life abroad and we always speak highly of Cork when people ask what it’s like living here.”

Danielle has even traced some of her ancestors to Cork, which has helped her feel even more at home.

One thing though they’re not impressed with is our public transport: “As people who do not own a car, it can be difficult at times to get from one point in Cork to another. A journey that should take only 20 minutes can sometimes end up taking up to an hour.”

Currently, the couple work elsewhere and their YouTube work is part-time.

“We’d absolutely love to produce videos full-time but our YouTube channel does not generate enough money yet to allow for this. We’re working on it though!”

They share new content with their audience of 1,300 at least every fortnight.

“We try to keep our videos generally positive but when the times get rough we feel it’s important to showcase the reality of living or traveling abroad,” said Danielle.

“We’ve shared numerous videos that we thought we’d never share! For example, when Franklin unexpectedly lost his job in Dublin and we were faced with possibly having to leave Ireland, we shared the entire journey; having to make our own bread in order to save money, the exhausting job hunt, the process of returning Franklin’s work permit, and finding ways to remain productive and positive during a time that was incredibly difficult for us.

“We also shared the incredibly difficult journey of finding a rental in Cork that would accept our two large dogs, and our experience finding an apartment in Dublin and living with 24 people — yes, 24 people!” they said.

Their plan for now is to stay in Cork.

“We have a few big plans in mind but we’re never quite sure just where life will take us.

“We never expected for it to take us to Poland but it did. We never expected it to bring us to Ireland but it did. We love being open to new possibilities and the excitement comes in accepting opportunities and not knowing exactly what journey it will bring us on.

“Guess you’ll have to subscribe to our YouTube channel a to find out!”

The couple are building their YouTube channel and hope at some point to make it their full time job.

“We currently monetise our work through YouTube’s ad-revenue program and All of our YouTube videos are 100% free but those who become members on our page get access to exclusive content and additional perks that we do not offer anywhere else.

“Their support helps our channel grow so that we can continue to deliver more YouTube videos long term.

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