Video: The poetry writing Cork bus driver is at it again...

When Sarah Horgan hopped on the 202 bus for her weekly 'On the Buses' column, little did she know that the driver had a surprise in store
Video: The poetry writing Cork bus driver is at it again...
Bus driver, Liam O'Connell, from Ballyphehane.Picture: Jim Coughlan.

Bus driver Liam O’Connell from Ballyphehane, recently revealed a hidden talent.

When The Echo reporter Sarah Horgan went on the 202 bus, for her weekly, 'On the Buses' column, driver Liam wrote her a poem.

Sarah's 'On the Buses' goes into The Echo every Thursday.

See Liam's poem about Sarah below.

It's not the first time the driver has had his work recognised.

“I do a bit of poetry on the bus and during the strike I had one of my pieces read out by Neil Prendeville on the radio,” he said.

“The piece was up on Facebook and he managed to get hold of it somehow.

“The idea behind my poems isn’t to get them published. I normally just write them for friends. 

"One of the poems I’m proudest of was for a friend who was getting married. I was best man at his wedding.” 

Poetry has always come easy to Liam.

“I can get them done in 10 minutes. If something is annoying or bothering me I’ll get it down on paper straight away.”

Poem by Liam O'Connell

Sarah's on the bus

With photographer Jim in tow

Getting stories from all of us

For her article in The Echo

We're sharing our experiences

As we travel to our stop

Some of us heading home

Others going out to shop

Some have funny stories

Some have tales of woe

Some wallow in their own glory

Some just like to pose for a photo

The driver pulls up to the stop

When we ring the bell

Taking on more passengers

With even more stories to tell

Sarah's filling up her notebook

Going up and down the stair

Jim snapping with his camera

As the ladies fix their hair.

We can't wait for Thursday's Echo

To see ourselves in print

In Cork's favourite newspaper

And it won't cost us a mint.

Liam reading his other poem, written during the strike is here too.

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