Cork-born director puts Beckett centre stage at the Everyman

In our weekly Person to Person column, we chat to Judy Hegarty Lovett who brings The World Premiere of Gare St Lazare Ireland of How It Is (Part 2) by Samuel Beckett, to the Everyman stage.
Cork-born director puts Beckett centre stage at the Everyman
Artistic Director of the Everyman Theatre, Julie Kelleher and Artistic Directors of Gare St Lazare, Judy Hegarty Lovett and Conor Lovett.Picture Darragh Kane

Judy Hegarty Lovett is the Director and joint Artistic Director of Gare St Lazare Ireland. She joined the original Gare St Lazare Players in Paris in 1991 as a directing assistant. In 1996 she directed Conor Lovett in Molloy by Samuel Beckett in London and so began Gare St Lazare Ireland. She has since directed 16 Beckett titles. Her work has toured to over 60 venues in Ireland and to over 80 cities around the world. Judy’s work has received awards and nominations in London, Boston, New York, Santa Barbara, Dublin, Berlin and Shanghai. She has given papers at Beckett conferences in Mexico and the UK.

Where were you born?

Cork, Ireland.

Where do you live?

Near to Paris in France.


Yes, a great family around me. I have three wonderful sisters who all live in Cork.

Best friend?

My best friend is the walk I try to take every day. It helps me clear the head after a day’s work.

Earliest childhood memory?

Walking. So it would seem that the first thing I remember is now the thing I do every day.

Person you most admire?

The people at Cork Homeless Drive who are doing an incredible job. My sister Georgina introduced me to them a few months ago.

It reminds me how important community and people are to making a difference wherever you are.

Person who most irritates you?

Automated Voices on the telephone. In fact many services that once were once done face to face by people, I think we’ve all been there. Many services that have been lost to the machine.

Who would you like to see as Minister for Finance and why?

Wimpy from Popeye! His catchphrase was ‘I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today’.

Where was your most memorable holiday?

Istanbul,Turkey. I think it was my first visit to the Middle East. It was a hugely cultural experience for me.

Favourite TV programme?

The Secret Garden. I used to watch it as a child. It had such a great atmosphere about it. I didn’t watch much tv as a kid but this one really captured my attention and has stayed with me.

Favourite radio show?

Morning Becomes Eclectic on KPLR. I listen to it when we’re on tour in the US and anything on FIP FM on the interweb.

Your signature dish if cooking?

My Mama Mia Italian Sauce. Its a great hit at home.

Favourite restaurant?

Earth Vegan Cafe, Cork a great resource for Cork and an inspirational menu. Their Chilli Bowl is to Live for.

Last book you read?

A Short Introduction to Barthes. An easy read! My PhD has kept me reading things I ‘should’ read and all other books are only guilty pleasures.

The World Premiere of Gare St Lazare Ireland of How It Is (Part 2) by Samuel Beckett, a co production with The Coronet Theatre (London), in association with The Everyman, opens on Thursday, September 5 and continues until Saturday, September 7 at 7.30. Booking on of 021 450 1673

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