Recipe: Peach Melba Parfait

Here Mercy Fenton shares her recipe for Peach Melba, a dessert of peaches, raspberry ice cream and raspberry sauce.
Recipe: Peach Melba Parfait
Peach melba parfait by Mercy Fenton. 

Peach Melba is a dessert of peaches, raspberry ice cream and raspberry sauce, the flavours are delicious together and will brighten up even the rainiest of days. This recipe is a spin on it, Peach Melba Parfait, which has all the flavours and prettiness but removes the need for last minute preparation. For those thinking about Christmas already, this might work nicely instead of a typical trifle, much lighter after a full on Christmas dinner. The parfait needs to be made the day before in order to be frozen, but can be made a few weeks in advance once well wrapped in freezer.

Peach Melba Parfait

Fresh Peach Puree


10 peaches

2 limes

2 tbsp. icing sugar


  • Pre heat oven to 175 C
  • I like to bake the peaches or nectarines until tender then puree.
  • Use about 8 peaches, remove the stone and cut into segments.
  • Place in a bowl and toss with the lime juice and icing sugar.
  • Place in a non-stick pan in the oven and cook until tender.
  • You can keep back six or seven slices of peach for garnish if serving the next day.
  • Once tender blend in a food processor and pass through a fine sieve to remove any skin.

Raspberry Coulis

350gr frozen raspberries (defrosted)

50 gr sugar

Juice of ½ lemon


  • Place all the ingredients in a small pot and cook gently to simmer.
  • Continue cooking to reduce the liquid.
  • Once it is near a coating consistency, remove from the heat and pass through a fine nylon sieve to remove the pips.
  • Take out 50 to 60ml for parfait and reserve the rest to serve with it.



1 Lime juiced

450gr peach flesh pureed (you can use tinned peaches – well drained) or to use fresh peaches see below

4 free range egg yolks

60 gr caster


3 egg whites

100 gr caster sugar

340 ml cream

1 tsp. vanilla extract

60 ml raspberry sauce


  • Use a deep baking tin roughly 9x12 inches.
  • Lightly brush the base of the tin with oil. This helps line the tin with fewer wrinkles. Line the base with cling film, allowing the film to hang over the side of the tin.
  • Whisk the cream till firm and refrigerate.
  • Separate your eggs ensure no yolk in whites.
  • Put the egg yolks on to whisk on high speed.
  • Weigh out smaller quantity of sugar first, put in a small pot and add just enough water to dissolve it.
  • Put it on medium heat, ensure sugar is dissolved then increase heat and cook to softball — quite thick syrup — you can check with a sugar thermometer if you have one. 235 F
  • Beat the yolks until they have doubled in volume.
  • Turn off mixer, and then carefully add the boiled sugar syrup. Whisk again until thick and the mixture cools.
  • Add in 300 gr peach puree and mix well.
  • Put the larger quantity of sugar on to cook as before.
  • When nearly ready put the egg whites on to whisk at high speed. When the sugar syrup has reached softball,
  • Stop the mixer, and then carefully add the boiled sugar syrup.Continue to whisk until cooled.
  • Fold the egg white into the yolk mixture, once evenly distributed with no lumps, fold in the cream.
  • Start spooning the mix into the tin, adding drizzles of both peach and raspberry coulis, as you like.
  • Scatter layers of chunky meringue as well.
  • Repeat with parfait mix, meringue and coulis until the tin is full drizzle more coulis on top.
  • You may have a little mix left over just freeze separately.
  • Place a rectangle of parchment paper on top the cover with cling film and freeze.
  • Unwrap carefully before serving and decorate with meringue kisses, baked peach slices and fresh raspberries. Serve with some raspberry coulis.
  • Once frozen this will keep well in the freezer. Take a slice or a square off it any time.
  • Serve with fresh mango and passion fruit. Some fresh basil leaves and toasted fresh coconut. Or serve with fresh strawberries and raspberries.

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