Cobh widow says goodbye to her home on RTÉ show

78-year-old Ita Coonan is set to appear on RTÉ 1 on Tuesday in Goodbye House.
Cobh widow says goodbye to her home on RTÉ show

WHICH PROPERTY WILL SHE CHOOSE? Ita Coonan (second left) with friends Val Lane, Berna Gordon and Michael Brady in Goodbye House

ITA Coonan is 78 years old and lives in Cobh, Co Cork.

She adores her view from her home on top of the hill in the town.

Unfortunately, Ita lost her beloved husband Stephen two years ago.

Heartbroken over the loss, she now feels it’s the right time to downsize into the centre of Cobh, to a smaller property.

The lady’s search for a new place is told in the next next episode of the series Goodbye House on RTE1 on Tuesday at 8.30pm.

In it, she rounds up her friends to help her quest to find her new property.

Three of her best friends, Michael, Val and Berna, will help her to choose three potential properties from which she can then select her dream home.

But will it be the bungalow, the townhouse or the house beside the water that will win over Ita’s heart?

With a budget of €350,000, she is looking to stay in Cobh and top of her wish list is a house with stairs!

Val, Ita’s close friend and a chiropodist, wants to choose the perfect house for her.

She brings Ita to a newly renovated property in the centre of Cobh.

Íta loves the property but does it just have too many stairs as a three-storey home?

Meanwhile, Berna is adamant that a bungalow is the way to go for Íta’s future.

However, the prospective buyer feels very strongly about not moving to a single-storey abode — will Berna convince her to change her mind?

Finally, Michael brings Ita to a property that has a spectacular seaview — but will the price tag be within her budget?

Ita has a decision to make — but which of the properties will she choose?

Goodbye House is a new six-part series which features people who have made the decision to downsize from their family home, but with a twist.

Instead of choosing potential new properties themselves, the buyer will leave it in the hands of their nearest and dearest, their family and friends, to choose the three potential properties for them.

The series features ‘downsizers’ from all walks of life and from all over Ireland, who are looking for new beginnings.

In each episode, they will visit three potential properties that their closest friends or family have chosen for them to start their new chapter.

But what will the reactions be when the ‘downsizer’ can only pick one property which they feel is right for them?

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