Showing an act of kindness to medical staff during COVID-19

We catch up with Desong Ye of Fundi&more who talks about family and work life and what his company are doing to help frontline medical staff during the Covid-19 crisis
Showing an act of kindness to medical staff during COVID-19

Desong Ye, director of fudi&More and Soos

Tell us about yourself;

My name is Desong Ye. I am the director of various companies, including fudi&More and Soos. Previously I was a salesman, I worked in phone repairs, a chef, a waiter, manager and landlord. I am currently Operations Manager at fudi&more. I successfully established fudi&more, which is a dining brand company that provides freshly cooked and locally sourced meals and groceries. Over the past few years, it has become a favourite place to eat for many families, teenagers, working professionals, and young adults.

We opened a new online supermarket at fudi&more with same day delivery throughout Cork city. I take pride in establishing and pushing great new ideas and hope to continue doing so for as long as I breathe. That’s one of the reasons why fudi&more has been aiding our medical frontline staff during this pandemic by delivering groceries and freshly cooked food vouchers to staff. As we continue to expand and grow, we will most certainly do even more for the community because that’s what drives me, seeing our beautiful city grow and adapt.

Where were you born?

I was born in south China, but I moved to Cork when I was a teenager. I went to school here, started my first business and met my wife here. It’s like my adopted home, you know.

Where do you live?

I live in Mallow, so I have to commute every morning but it’s definitely worth it. It’s quiet and peaceful, which is great for de-stressing.


My fantastic wife Sarah, our little baby boy, and the foundation to my everything, my mother.

They are what drives me to work tirelessly. My dream is to always spoil them unconditionally. I work tirelessly so that I can hopefully retire early and spend as much time as possible with my family because honestly that’s the most important thing in life for me.

Best friend?

Honestly, due to my high commitment level to work, I don’t often get the opportunity to meet a lot of new people or make friends. That’s why I’m glad that I met Sai Wing and Mark Mavamba. They were there during the very early stages of fudi&more, both working in marketing, and luckily Sai is still here working with us. They are both always there to remind me that it’s okay to have fun and enjoy myself from time to time, they rarely ever seem to lose their high spirit and that’s always great energy to be around.

Earliest childhood memory?

Playing basketball with my friends as a kid. I used to really enjoy sports and just messed about. I was a little bit of a rascal but who wasn’t, right?

Person you most admire?

I admire people that are willing to confront and challenge themselves continuously. People that can evolve and learn and continue striving for more. I don’t have a particular person in mind, but I do admire certain characteristics of a lot of the people around me, especially my mother and her unwavering drive.

Where was your most memorable holiday?

I spent some time in Hong Kong about a year ago, and I really enjoyed it. I got to meet some extremely wonderful people and finally had a chance to take some much needed time off from work.

Favourite TV programme?

I don’t really watch TV. But when I do, I like comedy shows like Brooklyn 99. I don’t know the names of many, I usually just flick the channels and watch whatever looks interesting or funny.

Favourite radio show?

I love listening to both 96FM and Red FM, especially during my commute to and from work.

Your signature dish if cooking?

I love making singapore noodles with prawns. It’s really delightful.

Favourite restaurant?

It has to be… fudi&more! I work there seven days a week, so I always eat there and somehow I’m not sick of the food! So yes, definitely fudi&- more! The variety and range are fantastic so I’ll probably never get sick of the place. Plus I get to do some quick grocery shopping at Fudi for my wife on my way home.

Last book you read?

I read a management and marketing book that Mark bought for me as a present a while back. It was great and very insightful.

Last album/CD/download you bought?

I downloaded Kenny G’s Brazilian Nights. I just love any music that uses the saxophone.

Favourite song?

Forever in Love by Kenny G. It’s just so mesmerizing, the song always brightens my mood.

Your proudest moment?

Whenever I see my one-year old son stand by the window on his own, waving and saying “bye bye” to me. That warms my heart and gives me all the energy I need for the rest of the day. Working 15-hour days, I don’t get to spend as much time with him as I want to, but that act of him waving goodbye every day, it encourages me to work harder so that I don’t have to spend as much time at the office in the future.

How would you like to be remembered?

I want to be someone that people can one day say “He tried it all”. I like taking on new challenges and defying the odds. I want to be remembered as someone who was fearless and driven.

What else are you up to at the moment?

This is a particularly hard time for everybody because of Covid-19. We are gathering what we can do to help everyone in a good way. fudi&more online supermarket was launched to provide fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, fish and home essential groceries delivered to customers in a convenient way, in some cases deliveries happen on the same day.

We recently launched a campaign whereby we are offering a €20 voucher per week for one month to support all front-line medical teams. This can be used in the fudi&more restaurant which is open for delivery and collections, available daily from 4pm to 11pm.

The fudi&more online supermarket is available to order online from midnight to 4pm. If you are one of the medical team members, download fudi&app, create an account with email, send an email to with proof of medical ID and the email address that you used for fudi&more account. Then we will have it recorded and put vouchers into your account every week. A little to help, let’s challenge a hard time together.


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