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Cork Lives
CHALLENGE: Super Garden judges Monica Alvarez, Gary Graham and Brian Burke
CHALLENGE: Super Garden judges Monica Alvarez, Gary Graham and Brian Burke

Ready for battle: Super Garden returns to our screens

THE largest garden festival in Ireland, Bloom, may have been cancelled this year — but people with green fingers are used to planning ahead.

So when Super Garden returns to RTÉ1 for its 12th series on Thursday at 8pm, the five budding designers will be battling it out to secure a coveted show garden spot at the Phoenix Park festival in 2021!

As usual, the designers will each be given an identical garden as their blank canvas to create their entry.

Competing alongside each other for three weeks, they will also help each other finish their garden designs.

The first designer in episode one is Dermot Melia of Co. Meath, a ninth generation horticulturist with a background in landscaping who dreams of one day winning Gold at Bloom.

The homeowner he is designing for is Nicola Clancy, 39, who is looking for a whimsical, low maintenance, social garden, to enjoy with her twin boys Tristan and Reuben, aged 10 — with a romantic area just for her.

To deliver this, Dermot, 44, has created a ‘Room Effect’ design and will build a garden that will mix contemporary style and sunken areas with a country cottage feel.

Will the Super Garden judges — Monica Alvarez, Gary Graham and Brian Burke — be impressed enough with Dermot’s garden to give him the chance of winning gold at Bloom 2021?

Nicola would love to step out of her back door into another world, but it has to be low maintenance. She loves the country way of life but hasn’t a clue about gardening.

Since the single mum moved into the house in Rowlestown, the garden has been put on the back burner. At the moment, they can’t even use the back garden which is tough with two young boys who have loads of energy.