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Cork Lives
Molly Kate Geary with her grandad Jim.
Molly Kate Geary with her grandad Jim.

Nine-year-old Cork student launches fundraiser to support older people during COVID-19

A PRIMARY school pupil, Molly Kate Geary, from Shanbally, in County Cork has launched an online fundraiser, #ThroughTheGlass, to raise funds for four charities supporting older people.

The young girl is calling on Cork people to get involved in the initiative.

Molly Kate was inspired to launch the fundraise as she was really missing her cocooning grandparents, her dad Alan’s parents, Jim and Tess Geary.

Molly Kate Geary with her granny Tess.
Molly Kate Geary with her granny Tess.

Her mum Louise said the idea for the fundraiser came after an emotional drive-by visit to see her grandad Jim and granny Tess. During the visit, Molly Kate put her hand up to the glass to touch her Grandad Jim - the pair are very close.

Her mum Louise said they had a chat afterwards about the situation and discussed how some older people are not so lucky to have anyone to visit them at this time.

Mum Louise, who worked in charity over the years said her daughter would be used to bag packing for good causes, and church gate collections, so they decided it would be great to do something for charity, right now.

Molly Kate wants to raise awareness of older people in the community who might be feeling lonely during the Covid-19 pandemic. She’s calling on people to take selfies “Through the Glass” with older people cocooning and to donate online. All funds raised will go to support Active Retirement Ireland, Age Action Ireland, Alone, and Friends of the Elderly Ireland.

Molly Kate said: “I really miss my Grandad Jim and Granny Tess, especially giving them hugs and going for walks. After I saw them through the glass, I thought about other older people in the community who might also be feeling lonely. I wanted to help, so I set up the #ThroughTheGlass fundraiser. I’m asking people in Cork to take selfies with older people cocooning through the glass, and to donate online, so that older people like my grandparents will feel less alone.”

Molly Kate Geary with Fr Con, the parish priest who became an internet sensation last year, when he did 'the floss' at a Holy Communion last year.
Molly Kate Geary with Fr Con, the parish priest who became an internet sensation last year, when he did 'the floss' at a Holy Communion last year.

Louise said it has been a great learning curve for Molly Kate, who is missing her peers - as well as her team mates - she plays football with Shamrock Ladies Football U10 and 12. She also dances and does gymnastics in Carrigaline and playing the violin. All activities as well as school, at Shanbally National School has come to a halt.

Her mum added it was great for Molly Kate to have such a positive project to focus on, during this tough time.

Maureen Kavanagh, CEO of Active Retirement Ireland, who represent 500 Active Retirement Associations all over Ireland said: “Older people have sacrificed so much by cocooning and giving up their normal lives, and are feeling particularly isolated and lonely. This fundraiser by Molly Kate is a wonderful idea to show our older people that we appreciate their efforts and that they’re in our thoughts, and to allow us, and the other benefitting charities, to continue our work to support them through this difficult time.”

To donate see: https://www.idonate.ie/fundraiser/11384929_-throughtheglass.html.

Molly Kate has shared a “thank you” video for people who have supported the campaign.

For more see www.activeirl.ie, @activeirl.