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021 4272722



Evening Echo,
Linn Dubh, Assumption Road,
Blackpool, Cork, Ireland.

Advertising Department

Public Office: 80 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork

Tel: 021 4272722

Fax: 021 4273846

ISDN: 021 4851900

Please click here to contact a member of our Advertising Team

Photography and Video Queries

For all image, photography and video queries please contact

[email protected]

Marketing Department

Karen O'Donoghue

Marketing Manager

Tel: 021 4802164

Lisa Coughlan

Deputy Marketing Manager

Tel: 021 4802289

Editorial Department

Maurice Gubbins


Tel: 021 4802293

Emma Connolly

News Editor

Tel: 021 4802154

Elaine Duggan

Deputy News Editor

Tel: 021 4802154

Mary Smithwick

Assistant News Editor

Tel: 021 4802131

John McHale

Sports Editor

Tel: 021 4802131

Eamonn Murphy

Deputy Sports Editor

Tel: 021 4802228

John Dolan

Features Editor

Tel: 021 4802162