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Members of the public during a protest over Revenues plan to increase VAT on food supplements, This has now been deferred.
Members of the public during a protest over Revenues plan to increase VAT on food supplements, This has now been deferred.

Welcome for deferment of supplement VAT rise

CAREPLUS Pharmacy, one of Ireland’s fastest growing independent pharmacy chain, has welcomed the announcement that the Revenue Commissioners has deferred the introduction of a 23% VAT rate on vitamins and supplement products.

Pharmacists were concerned that a significant price increase would impact all customers who use vitamins and minerals to supplement their health needs.

There are some groups of the population who rely heavily on supplements such as pregnant women, babies, elderly and those whose immune and digestive systems have been compromised.

Commercial Director of CarePlus Pharmacy, Niamh Lynch said: “At CarePlus, many of our customers purchase vitamins on the recommendation from their GP’s and healthcare providers.

“For some consumers, the price escalation might be a barrier to maintaining good health and self-care. Efforts should be made to relieve an overburdened health system and not tax efforts to remain healthy. CarePlus will engage fully with any public consultation on behalf of our customers.”

CarePlus is a network of franchised pharmacies, owned and managed by community pharmacists, with the aim of providing a superior pharmacy experience in a friendly local environment.

The group continues to grow and now operates in over 60 key locations around Ireland. For further information on CarePlus Pharmacy, visit www.careplus.ie.