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The location of the planned new Vila store on Patrick's Street.
The location of the planned new Vila store on Patrick's Street.

Vila to open store on Patrick Street in coming weeks

Cork’s Patrick Street is getting a new addition in the coming weeks, with clothing label Vila opening a new store.

‘Coming soon’ posters are in the windows of 83, 84 and 85 Patrick Street, formerly the location for Gloria Jeans and The Body Shop. 

The building has undergone significant renovation in the last 18 months, with the three shopfronts combined to make a single large retail space with double doors in the centre.

Vila is a Danish brand with retail shops in Ireland, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Its brands include Vera Moda, Only and Jack & Jones. The branding on the Patrick Street store is promoting the Selected Femme/Homme brand. There are already nine Vila stores in Ireland, including two in Dublin and two in Tipperary.

Vera Moda and Jack & Jones currently have a presence on the other side of the street but the stores at 31-32 Patrick Street are expected to close when the Penneys expansion gets underway.

The Cork Business Association welcomed the new business to the street. CEO Lawrence Owens said: “We are always happy to see new activity happening on Patrick Street. They are still a small number of gaps on the street so it is great to see a new store opening.”