New approach needed to re-engage some employees

New approach needed to re-engage some employees

Mary Cummins, Career Coach and Facilitator and proprietor of

EMPLOYEES have risen to the challenge during this global pandemic, balancing family responsibilities with work demands, and pivoting as required.

However, they are tired now and a new approach is needed to re-engage them, build team morale and a positive mind-set in our changed environment.

In this Covid-19 world, leadership has never been more important.

The quality of leadership, more than any other single factor, determines the success or failure of an organisation.

Research tells us that people who play to their strengths are more confident, happier, perform better, and are more engaged. Applying this strengths-based approach to a work team or organisation will ultimately lead to happier employees who produce superior outcomes and boost profitability and the bottom line. What’s not to like?

Establishing what their key strengths are allows employees to optimise them, and also to gain awareness of where they are not so strong. They can then work as part of the team in a way that plays to their strengths.

An employee for example who has strengths in planning and organising and has a meticulous eye for detail may be well-suited to a project management role, however the same person may lack the emotional awareness and required empathy to deal effectively with people and would benefit from having a more people-oriented person on the team. The project manager can then focus on the task of delivering the project within budget and on time.

Transformational leadership is key, particularly during times of change, where leaders focus on transforming others to support each other and the organisation as a whole, where they help their followers move beyond their own self-interest for the good of the group or organisation.

These leaders have a genuine concern for their staff and are interested in their development, in what motivates them, in what they find meaningful and purposeful, in what their goals are, and in what they are capable of becoming. Much of the leadership research tells us that this style of leadership leads to greater discretionary effort by employees.

In the current pandemic environment, honing in on team development is a key requirement. This is a great way of building connection with your team and them with each other. Take time to get to know your team, and with their strengths in mind, consider how and when they do their best and worst work. Who should do what? 

Why not discuss this with them? Learn how the team is wired, their collective strengths and unrealised potential, and leverage those strengths and opportunities for moving forward, building happier, more connected, productive teams, nurturing talent, and matching it to business needs. 

A team expert profile will equip you with an understanding and insight into your team's collective strengths, enabling you to develop better ways of working together. 

You will be able to describe the team at their best with realised strengths, identify hidden talents and opportunities with unrealised strengths and spot potential risks or areas of burnout for the team with learned behaviours and weaknesses. Building that social, human connection has never been more important.

Mary Cummins is a career and executive coach and founder of She specialises in the area of strengths-based coaching. She has studied psychology to degree level and holds an honours MA in Learning & Development (consultancy) from UCC. She can be contacted at 087 8290207 or on email: or via her website:

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