Altada launch new firm to help accelerate travel, sports recovery

Altada launch new firm to help accelerate travel, sports recovery

Allan Beechinor, CEO and founder, Altada Technology Solutions.

ALTADA Technology Solutions has launched AerynAI, a new company branch to accelerate recovery in the travel, entertainment and sports industries and has also appointed a new Chief Medical Officer.

Altada Technology Solutions, based at Lapp’s Quay, Cork, have launched a new specialist service for the travel, entertainment and sports industries. Altada have partnered with a global company to deliver a new security service, AerynAI.

This branch has been created to accommodate for social distancing requirements and pandemic-era hygiene considerations that are now essential just to remain in business.

AerynAI’s enterprise-level solutions are at the forefront of solving real challenges currently faced by its clients.

AerynAI will be overseen by their newly appointed Chief Medical Officer, Dr Eugene O’Connor.

Dr O’Connor is a primary care physician with a varied medical career spanning women’s health, urgent care and military medicine and a background in bio-physics.

He was the senior Irish officer leading in West Africa during the Ebola epidemic and led on field testing of contactless technologies for use in West Africa. He has been involved in consulting various Irish government departments with the initial response to Covid-19 and later on disease monitoring and tracking.

“Our cutting edge biotech solution, ‘Aerynite’, will help to mitigate the risk now associated with travel and public spaces caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,” a spokesperson said.

“Our solutions can use object detection to ensure the correct use of face masks, analysis of temperature to detect potential COVID-19 positive cases and detect correct social distancing through CCTV cameras.

“Our subsidiary company, Noppera Bo, ensures we adhere to the strict compliance requirements of privacy by design. This allows us to anonymise CCTV footage using near real time media redaction and facial recognition technologies.

“Members of the public are only shown when they become ‘people of interest’ via a triggered alert (incorrect mask wearing and/or elevated temperature). They can then be tracked through the area via CCTV cameras and brought to a rapid testing station. This will greatly improve public perceptions regarding travel and public spaces as risk of being in contact with someone Covid-19 positive is greatly minimised.”

Allan Beechinor, CEO and co-founder of Altada said: “We have been going through rapid expansion and growth having welcomed several new members to the team since the beginning of 2021, including a newly appointed Chief Medical Officer.

“We are ready and eager to tackle the public safety issues we have seen in various industries since the onset of Covid-19 and have decided to intervene by launching AerynAI. Our solution Aerynite will revolutionise the travel and entertainment industries by allowing indoor public spaces to once again open their doors”.

Chief Medical Officer of Altada, Dr O’Connor said: “As one in a handful of people in Ireland with real life experience in tackling a pandemic, I was in a unique position to advise and provide support to government bodies during the initial outbreak of Covid-19.

“I consulted the defence forces and various government departments on potential early stage response strategies.

“I later joined a task force for leaders in the field. It was here that I met Allan Beechinor, CEO of Altada while working on an effective and ethical solution for a track and trace system for Ireland.

“It was clear that we both had passion and energy for driving projects forward regardless of the challenges.

“Over the past year, we continued to discuss our desire to build technology for a future return to normality and with that, I was eager to join the team to help lend my real world experiences to assist in building AI technology.”

See their website for more information.

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