85% of people motivated for the New Year

85% of people motivated for the New Year

85% of people made one or more New Year resolutions.

A SURVEY carried out by Motivation Weight Management, with clinics in Ballincollig and Little Island, has revealed that 85% of people made one or more New Year’s resolutions as they rang in the year 2021. 

The majority of resolutions related to healthiness after a year of comfort eating, nesting and nowhere to go. Some even cited ‘apocalyptic doom and gloom’.

2020 played havoc with our health, wellness and emotions and to top it all off, the pandemic pounds piled on. The 'Covid stone' or 'Covid curves' is top of the 'to lose' list for 2021. Overall, despite a most unusual and difficult year, the Irish optimism and jovial nature is still in abundance with 77% feeling positive. Seems like a resounding good riddance to 2020 hindsight!

As the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, 85% of Irish people surveyed said they would make new year’s resolutions, however after a month or less, two thirds (63%) of them may be broken. Just under a quarter of them (24%) won’t even see out the week. The study reveals Ireland is a nation brimming with good intentions but lacking in willpower. The over-riding hope for Ireland in 2021 is to get back to normal and be rid of Covid-19 for good.

Ireland’s number one resolution is to lose weight (59%), and a further 46% of us claim we’ll take more exercise and 50% of us will try to eat more healthily. Non material things seem to be more important now as 32% want to make more ‘me’ time and 30% want to have a healthier mindset/attitude. Only 17% of us vow to get out of debt and spend less which might indicate that health is wealth for 2021 and only 13% vow to spend more time with family.

When asked if they have ever been successful at even keeping one resolution all year, 14% of people confirmed that no, they always forget to make them and 52% said they start with the best of intentions but they never last but 22% stated that they do actually complete one resolution every year. We seem to care what others think because 46% of those surveyed said that telling people impacts on whether they keep resolutions or not.

It seems we are quite nonchalant when it comes to reasons why we can’t keep our promises. 13% of us admitted to giving up on New Year resolutions because ‘the couch is too comfy’ and a further 20% of those surveyed decide that when all is said and done …‘Sure I’m grand as I am’. Only 5% said it’s because they don’t have enough money, 19% said they just don’t have the time but the most common excuse all round was that we simply don’t have the Motivation (45%) and 28% of respondents cited the reason they give up on resolutions is because of the story they tell themselves, excuses and irrational thoughts.

Motivation Weight Management is an Irish company best known for its outstanding success in helping thousands of Irish people to reach and maintain their ideal weight long-term. Motivation’s success is founded on the company’s unique approach to weight management, which focuses not just on what people eat, but why. This groundbreaking concept was pioneered by world-renowned French-Canadian bariatrician Dr. Maurice Larocque, who developed the revolutionary “Mental Weight” concept, to help people achieve and maintain their ideal weight by identifying and tackling the root cause of their eating habits and behaviours. Motivation Weight Management now has 16 clinics nationwide. The programme can also be done online and remotely for those limiting contacts. See www.motivation.ie for more information or to arrange a no obligation assessment consultation.

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