Network Cork is equipping women with better business skills

Network Cork is equipping women with better business skills

Sandra Murphy, Event Creation Manager, Cork International Hotel; Sarah Cooney, Merry Me Centre and President of Network Cork Ciara Wilson, The Salon Shop, at the announcement of their progressive workshop on Wednesday, April 5. Picture: Darragh Kane

NETWORK Cork will host a progressive workshop with the professional guidance of Sarah Cooney that aims to help equip women in business with many skills that will empower them to not only make the most of their life but of their personal ‘journey’ too.

It will take place on Wednesday, April 5, from 6-8pm at the Cork International Hotel.

Sarah Cooney is the owner of Merry Me Centre, a business that specialises in Personal Development Consultancy and Coaching.

She believes everybody has unlimited potential and that the time has come to reclaim our power that comes from within. She works with people in order to take stock of how far they have come in their lives or businesses and to create a vision of where they want to go.

A vision is the seed from which the most exhilarating lives and the best versions of ourselves grow. This is our starting point. From there confidence needs to be built from the inside out. She is the Cork Ambassador for ‘Count Her In’ – an online and offline community that encourages women to live more and make the most of their lives. She is also a trainee Play Therapist, qualified Primary School Teacher and Energy Therapies Practitioner.

Network Cork President Ciara Wilson stated ahead of the event: “Confidence Building is a cornerstone for women in business, being able to step outside your comfort zone to be the best version of who you are is one of the key attributes to success.

“This workshop will share some of the Tools for our members and guests to begin and continue their personal and individual growth”. The event is timely in that it is scheduled to occur during the application period for Network Cork’s annual ‘Business Women of the Year Awards’ which has six wide-ranging categories across business, the arts and social enterprise.

The closing date is April 14 and Ciara is actively inviting and encouraging Cork’s businesswomen to participate.

Network Ireland Cork Branch provides a forum where women in business, the professions and the Arts can exchange business ideas and increase their business contacts.

It encourages women to achieve more satisfying careers and promotes women as worthy contributors to the Irish economy. It liaises with national and international organisations and creates links with Government and State bodies. Network Cork is one of 8 branches of Network Ireland, a national organisation.

Network Cork holds monthly networking meetings where a guest speaker is invited to educate, inform and entertain on topics of interest to women.

Members can develop and pool their individual skills through interaction with other women in a supportive environment which offers, training, mentoring and an opportunity for women who call on other members with specialist expertise for help. It also provides a forum for established women to develop professional and social contacts.

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