Dublin salaries 33% higher than Cork but Chamber says Leeside's quality of life is better

Dublin salaries 33% higher than Cork but Chamber says Leeside's quality of life is better

Average salaries in Cork were found to be 33% lower in Cork compared to Dublin. Picture: Denis Scannell

A new survey has found that Dublin based employers are offering up to 33 percent higher wage packages across a number of sectors than their Cork counterparts.

The survey, conducted by Brightwater, an Irish recruitment consultancy firm also claimed that the salaries of Cork-based workers will increase in 2018 in various sectors including IT and legal.

Chief executive of Cork Chamber, Conor Healy said that the wage difference between Cork and Dublin could actually work in favour of the rebel county.

“Any employer or investor doing research will see the advantage of hiring really good people at very competitive rates,” said Mr Healy.

“When you combine that with office rental which can be 50 percent lower than other locations including Dublin, you’re putting together a fairly compelling offering,” he added.

While the benefits for prospective employers is clear, Mr Healy also feels that job seekers will be attracted to Cork.

“From an employee perspective, quality of life is a major factor that people take into account when deciding where to work and live,” he said.

“The reality in Cork is that you can have a really good quality of life, probably a better quality of life even on a lower salary, than you can in places in Dublin.” 

According to the survey, a Quality Engineer in Dublin will get a salary of between €55,000 and €75,000, whereas someone doing the same role in Cork will expect a salary of €45,000 to €55,000 or between 19% and 27% less than in Dublin.

In science and pharmaceutical, a QC Analyst in Dublin will expect a salary of €60,000 whereas someone doing the same role in Cork will command a salary of €40,000 or 33% less while a sales manager in the ICT sector will command €90,000 in Dublin but just €70,000 in Cork.

Mr Healy maintained that the career opportunities now available and the quality of life in Cork is too high to allow these statistics to worry him.

“There is a great potential for developing a career here in Cork,” said Mr Healy.

“If you look across all of the key sectors we have in Cork from life sciences to IT to agri-foods to professional services, financial services, all of those areas, we have very significant clusters of activity which means people can build very strong careers.

“They have options in terms of starting with one company and as they build and grow, they can move to another company,” he added.

There is a very strong career projection and development opportunity across Cork.

“It (Cork) remains for both the employer and employee a very attractive proposition.”

Meanwhile, in IT, a Security Consultant can expect a salary increase of 16% rising to a range in 2018 of €45,000 to €70,000 depending on experience.

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