Cork cybersecurity firm ramps up overseas operation

Cork cybersecurity firm ramps up overseas operation
Smarttech247 Director of Strategy Raluca Saceanu, and Smarttech247 CEO Ronan Murphy. Picture: Michael O'Sullivan

A CORK cybersecurity firm is to open new offices in Atlanta and Boston.

Smarttech247 is predicting some €20 million in export sales for 2019 in the US market, with further investment also planned for South Africa and Switzerland. These locations will complement their existing operations in Ireland, Romania, Hungary and Poland.

Smarttech247 delivers cybersecurity solutions all around the world. Earlier this year they opened a new €1.5 million hi-tech security operations centre in Cork.

CEO of Smarttech247, Ronan Murphy said: “We are ramping up significantly in the US, South Africa, Switzerland. Cybersecurity spending is expected to exceed €150 billion in 2019 and we are ideally positioned to service the growing demand with new facilities in Atlanta, Boston, Poland and Romania. The demand is driven by more connected devices and a cybercrime industry valued at €1.5 trillion.”

In March, Smarttech247 will host the fifth Zero Day Con conference at the Convention Centre in Dublin. It will see experts from around the world gather in Dublin to hear about the latest in cybersecurity trends.

Mr Murphy said: “By providing a combination of thought leadership, awareness and engagement, Zero Day Con brings together experts from around the world to discuss security architectures that provide higher levels of security posture. Education is key to tackling this global issue as we move forward.”

Zero Day Con - The Age of Disruption will take place on March 7, 2019, at the Convention Centre, Dublin.

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