Two 100km indoor rowing records broken in Passage West

Two 100km indoor rowing records broken in Passage West

Tina O’Sullivan and her husband, Patrick, both members of Passage West Rowing Club, Cork, on their way to setting separate 100km world records for indoor rowing. Tina partnered with Lucy O’Brien, while Patrick teamed up with Helen Burchill.

A group of rowers are celebrating breaking two 100km indoor rowing world records.

Lucy O’Brien teamed up with Tina O’Sullivan, while Tina’s husband, Patrick, partnered with Helen Burchill, to set the records in a ‘Paddy’s Day 100k’ at Passage West Rowing Club in Cork.

The records were verified the following week.

Tina and Lucy slogged it out on the rowing machine for seven hours, changing every four minutes, then every two minutes.

“It was tough. We were stiff and sore and I’m still tired, but so delighted,” said Tina, who, with Lucy, set a time of six hours, 56 minutes, and 19 seconds in the 40-49 years lightweight category. They knocked more than 10-and-a-half minutes off a record by a British pair that had stood for 10 years.

Tina and her husband, Patrick, have been members of Passage West Rowing Club since 1989 and between them have multiple All-Ireland medals for coastal rowing.

Patrick and Helen’s 100km record was in the 40-49 years heavyweight tandem category, and took six hours, 27 minutes, 58 seconds, which was one minute and nine seconds faster than the record set by two Estonians.

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