Voter on disability benefit challenges prime minister

Voter on disability benefit challenges prime minister

Cathy Mohan, left, challenged the Tory prime minister, Theresa May, at Abingdon market in Oxfordshire. Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA

A woman with mental health problems has confronted Theresa May over Government cuts to disability payments as the Prime Minister met voters during a walkabout.

Cathy Mohan, who lives in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, told the Prime Minister how changes to benefits had left her living on £100 a month and pleaded with the premier to help her.

Mrs May was touring the market with local candidate Nicola Blackwood, talking to shoppers and stallholders when the angry voter told her "fat cats" were keeping money while others were being "crippled".

"I want you to do something for us," Ms Mohan said.

"I'm talking about everybody, not just me, I'm talking about everybody who has got mental health and who has got learning disabilities, I want them not to have their money taken away from them and being crippled.

"The fat cats keep the money," she added.

Disability allowances were replaced by Personal Independence Payments (PIP), in a move which many people with disabilities say has left them struggling to survive.

"I want my disability living allowance to come back, not have PIPs and get nothing. I can't live on £100 a month," Ms Mohan said.

She added: "You better help me, please."

Ms Blackwood said she would continue to help Ms Mohan while the PM said she planned to improve mental health provision.

Mrs May said: "Nicola can help you specifically. What I can do is ensure we are giving more help to people with mental health problems and learning disabilities."

Mrs May said the Government was focusing on "those most in need".

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