Inspirational schoolboys raise €1000 for Cork Penny Dinners

Inspirational schoolboys raise €1000 for Cork Penny Dinners
Donál McDonnell, Max Power, Theo Nolan and Jack Norton at their birthday party on Sunday.

Four inspirational schoolboys have raised €1000 for a beloved Cork charity.

Donál McDonnell, Max Power, Theo Nolan and Jack Norton, who attend CBC Cork Preparatory School, had a joint 10th birthday party last Sunday in the Nemo Rangers' grounds. 

Instead of presents, they asked their classmates to donate to Cork Penny Dinners, a homeless charity.

Proud mother of Max, Niamh Power, said that the boys read up about the work Cork Penny Dinners do, and wanted to help.

"They're so young and so enthusiastic. Their class grew in size this year, seven new boys arrived. They wanted to have a big party to get to know everyone."

"They called it the 'fourth class mega-party'. They sent out a message saying they didn't want gifts, but instead to donate to Cork Penny Dinners. They had a donation box at the party."

"It's a small class, there's 24 of them. The boys received €880 in donations. The support their classmates have given them and the generosity of their parents has just been amazing." 

"They never expected to raise this much. The boys were really shocked by the support."

"They played soccer at the party. We also had Four Star Pizzas at the party, and after they found out what the boys did, they sent them each a voucher," Niamh told The Echo.

"The boys' story also appeared on the Neil Prendeville Show, and he said he would donate another €120, bringing the total raised to €1000." 

The four boys will go to Cork Penny Dinners on Friday to present their cheque to Caitríona Twomey, founder of the charity. Niamh says they will also help out with making sandwiches while they are there.

"Their principal Dr Jordan has given them leave to go. The school is so proud of them and their class. For them to have support in this endeavour means so much." 

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