Supreme Court backs prosecutors’ demand for Donald Trump tax returns

Supreme Court backs prosecutors’ demand for Donald Trump tax returns
Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court has kept a hold on President Donald Trump’s financial records that Congress has been seeking for more than a year.

The ruling returns the case to lower courts, with no clear prospect for when it might ultimately be resolved.

The seven to two outcome is at least a short-term victory for Mr Trump, who has strenuously sought to keep his financial records private.

But a prosecutor’s demand for Mr Trump’s tax returns as part of a criminal investigation that includes hush-money payments to women who claim they had affairs with Trump has been upheld.

The court ruled seven to two in a case in which it heard arguments by telephone in May because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The records are held by Mr Trump’s long-time accounting firm, Mazars USA, which has said it would comply with a court order.

It probably will be at least several weeks before the court issues a formal judgment that would trigger the turnover of the records.

The court rejected arguments by Mr Trump’s lawyers and the Justice Department that the president is immune from investigation while he holds office or that a prosecutor must show a greater need than normal to obtain the records.

Mr Trump’s two high court appointees, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, joined the majority.

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